Saturday, June 21, 2003

"Venus Favors the Bold"

Corrie, Kelsey, and I have decided to get out of Macerata for an "artists' retreat." I read about these artists' retreats that they have all over Italy--paying big money to spend a week in the Tuscan countryside, take a trip to Florence and San Gimigniano, and then spend 3 or 4 days writing, painting, dancing. Vacationing. These trips (before you add in the cost of the flight) cost upwards of 3000 dollars.

Since we don't have that kind of money and since we have seen Florence (not that it isn't worth seeing again, mind you), Kelsey, Corrie, and I decided we would have our own little artists' retreat. We are going to spend two days in Sulmona, a "town nestled in the mountains" in Abruzzo, the region just below ours (we are Le Marche).

We liked the idea of Sulmona after we read that it's Ovid's hometown (therefore, the "artist" part of the retreat would be blessed by one of the patron saints of poetry), and museum nearby. Sulmona's sweetness surpasses Ovid, for they are the makers of "confetti"--almond candies that are best known as part of Italian weddings.

We're leaving Monday morning. Hopefully we'll come back rested, sweetened, and very creative.

Don't worry, we'll fit Florence in next time.


Update: We postponed the artists' retreat, due to scheduling, and are planning to leave instead this Friday.


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