Monday, July 21, 2003

Picture Pages

What a feast for the senses! At the risk of sounding like every other travel magazine, tourist office, and postcard, the sights, sounds, smells, and (especially) tastes of Italia are rich and lush and almost overwhelming. (What a supremely pleasant overdose!)

As I try to secure the memories of these days in Bell'Italia, my mind has started a mental scarpbook of sorts, a collection of brief, sweet glimpses of this sensual county.

The most recent scrapbook pages show a full moon rising over Ornette Coleman and his sax, a whiteflesh peach with a bright red pit, Debussy in a palazzo's stuffy upper room, finding chocolate-covered hazelnuts on sale, a cool night breeze on our fifth floor balcony, my first taste of cinnamon gelato, and three wild blackberries so very much worth the long, long reach over an Ascoli wall.

My mental scrapbook - it's Italia's blessing to flip though the filled pages of the past and still find empty ones for future use.



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