Monday, June 23, 2003

Oro di Todi

Yesterday went to Todi in Umbria with our friends Antonello and Alessandro. Highlights included an expertly led tour by Jackie (Achtung! Postkarten stehen zur Verfügung am wirklichen Besitz Büro!), cappelluci with tartufo and Trebbiano, meandering down viccoli just to see the incredible views, and napping in the shade of an impressive church, like millions of pilgrims before us.

Todi, its history, and our time there were wonderful, but I will remember the return trip just as fondly as I will the destination. Zipping through the Sibillini Mountains in Antonello's car, all my senses were engaged...incredible views from the backseat window, a cool breeze across my face, sweet pine in the air, American tunes from the Italian stereo, and the hint of sweet, young, white wine in the back of my throat. In all aspects...yum.

At one point, Jackie leaned over and said, "'Fool's gold' in Italian is 'oro di Bologna.'" The sun was setting and turning everything to gold outside my window. Though Macerata's skyline is always a welcome site, I wished the road to home had been just a little longer.



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