Tuesday, July 08, 2003

And Not A Drop To Drink

I search to find the perks to my beach job in Civitanova, and some days they just suddenly reveal themselves to me, like I should've seen them all along.

This morning, before the kids got to the beach, Linda (the other English language teacher) and I hit a volleyball back and forth in the water. It was some of the clearest water I've seen there--cold and crisp; empty. You could see the tiny waves disrupt the layered steps of wet sand--water coming in and awaking sand clouds soft as dandelion seeds.

In the morning is the only time you can really feel water like this--when it is still an empty beach and the sun has been up for just a couple of hours. It wakes you up, but gently: placing your feet into cold clear water with the feel of the sun, drenching in its heat, on your skin--all of this on a blue sky, perfect morning, before the rest of the world can see.

You think, maybe--just maybe--it will be a good day.



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