Friday, July 04, 2003

Four Rooms

Yesterday Corrie and I got home from the beach to find our roommate Fabrizio cleaning out his room. He said he had found someone to rent his room for the rest of the summer. Oddly enough, the day before our other roommate Vanni told me that he had found a Spanish ballerina who was interested in renting his room.

So this basically meant two new roommates. All in one day.

The nice thing about Fabrizio and Vanni is that they are never home. Never is not an exaggerated form of "only in the evenings" or "only on weekends." Never is never. Corrie and I have been living in a huge home all by ourselves, and we are rather spoiled to the idea of only having each other as roommates. But by 4 in the evening yesterday, we had a Spanish ballerina pirouetting through the bathroom and a 30-something Macerata business man home for lunch and dinner.

And I can just imagine what they are saying about their new American roommates.



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