Wednesday, June 25, 2003

A Pirate's Life For Me (or Aaarrrrgh, Matey)

Hooray for beach towns! The last two days I spent in Pesaro, Fano, and Senigallia - all coastal towns and all in our beloved Marche region. Jackie and I had a picnic on the sunny boardwalk of Pesaro before meandering the residential streets. On the return train, I hopped off in Fano and got run over by bikers...well almost. The Italian National Bike Race (or something more official sounding) had streamlined cyclists in space-age helmets rumbling down the cobbled streets of Fano's historic center. (Uneven pavement and rapid's all fun and games till someone runs over Corrie!)

I led myself on a mapless tour of the town, found a seaside albergo to spend the night, ate purple octupus pizza, and saw the lead singer of Coldplay strolling shoelessly through the streets. The band was in town for a concert, and I decided not to let logistics (like not having a ticket) get in the way of hearing their live show. Ask and Italia shall provide...from a deserted palazzo's courtyard I leaned against a pillar and enjoyed a private concert under the stars.

More tasty seafood awaited in Senigallia. After popping into a half dozen churches and checking out some recently discovered Roman ruins (and a medieval cemetery) under the town's theater, I stumbled upon the market. Freshly prepared seafood (something roasted on a stick and another balloon-ish animal stuffed with small octopus) and a veg salad were delicious in the shade of Senigallia's Rocca.

The view from the train back to Macerata changed from ocean waves to flowing sunflower fields. I was inland bound and full and happy to return, aaarrrrrrrghhh.



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