Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Il Succo delle Mele

Last night Antonello, Corrie, and I sat around the kitchen table listening to Italian pop songs. It had just become night, and the kitchen window was open--the moonlight shifting in--with the only other light being our dim stove-top lamp.

We listened to Per Te, which the Italian artist Jovanotti wrote as a lullaby for his daughter. It is a list of all of the things that were made for her--as if all of life were hers, completely hers. And they are the sweetest things a child could ask for, I imagine: Orange soda. The color of strawberries. Apple juice. The sun in July. The forms of the clouds. Everything, he says. Everything that there is.

But enough for us was just the young summer night, the open window, music, and the breeze. And Italy, of course. Always Italy.



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