Monday, August 04, 2003

The Adventure Continues...

Found an internet lab that is open in August! Yay! This means blogging should continue on a regular basis.

Since our last blog, Corrie and I have:
-Gone on a Sunday spelunking expedition (in Italian)
-taken photographs with foil and crystals
-been confused about the proper use of a camera's flash
-laughed (a lot)
-been stuck in midnight traffic
-been reminded AGAIN that we aren't quite Italian ("and you, you're not from here, right?")
-eaten Crescia sandwiches under the shadow of a mountain
-tried to steal Dick the dog
-made La Traviata plans
-bought tickets for a foodie vacation to Parma and Modena (we leave tomorrow morning, just in time for breakfast)
-met up with a friend from Oregon, England, and Macerata
-eaten cinnamon, lemon, strawberry, and cassata di Sicilia gelati
-and perfected our Italian-style wardrobes

A lot can happen in 4 days!

We will report more soon (after our foodie vacation!). Looks like the blog will continue after all (who could really stop us?)



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