Monday, March 15, 2004

Il Viaggio e' incominciato!

Sorry my blog entries have been short and infrequent, but things have been busy: specifically because Corrie has arrived in Italy!!! Between gelato, cobblestoned Bologna streets, Frescoed University halls, and Armani stores, there is just enough time to catch-up like good, old friends! While it's not quite the same without Erin and Cassie (our Italy-by-storm partners in crime), we have two new faces with us in whose eyes Italy is brand-new and beautiful, and seeing it in this way again is full of memories and a new outlook. The five of us (our friend Eric is here too!) have explored the market-stalled streets of Bologna already, where every church houses a new treasure and each portico-ed alleyway is rich with the reds and oranges that are synonimous with this beautiful Emilia-Romagna region. Plus, we have walked through Macerata's streets finding things I had never seen before: a statue of the madonna made of iron, a textile museum, beautiful clothing stores, tasty capuccinos.

Tomorrow we are off to Roma, and it is bound to be filled with new experiences as well--tasty dinners, bright-eyed memories, and plenty of stars in the sky to go around.



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