Thursday, April 29, 2004

A Thousand Words

With The Long Trip Home up, I have been doing some web-surfing to explore other travel sites, see what all is out there, etc. I go through stages of this--sometimes returning to old favorites (I love Kinetic Travel and Travel Intelligence for good, well-written stuff about travel), and sometimes discovering sites I had never seen. What I love about travel sites is that they absorb you, and you may be sitting in front of your computer for an hour, reading or gazing at pictures, without even hearing the clock tick away.

I found this site today, and it has a series of great photos of Italy, even if it doesn't include Corrie's and my little region of Le Marche. I was shuffling through photos of Pavia, a city near Milan where I visited a year back, and the images of the Certosa (which, I unfortunately didn't get to see...I don't think you can reach it by train) are enchanting. Also, for you Eric there is a whole series of Lucca photos which accurately capture the quaint city's Tuscan charm and old-world authenticity.

Okay, back to browsing. I'm going to go see what other worlds I can discover.



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