Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Blog News From Italy

Looks like the computer labs here at the University of Macerata are closing down for the rest of August. In fact, pretty much everything is: walking through town yesterday, stores closed and roads empty, was a lesson in remembrance as to exactly what Italian ferie means--a month-long vacation at the beach. Some of our friends are taking two and a half weeks to drive up the Adriatic coast, visit Venice, visit the mountains, and then come home--the whole way taking it easy and enjoying the Italian summer. They told us it was their duty: they were given days off, they have to spend them well. Sounds good to me.

Antonello and I, on the other hand, will probably spend the next few weeks working on the house, with (hopefully) a short vacation squeezed in. I'm voting for a trip to Genova, this year's European Capital of Culture. But I'm up for anything, really--as long as it means getting away. With my birthday coming up, I keep hinting at places I want to visit, day trip ideas, etc.. Today Antonello said, "what about when a little bag of chocolate was enough?"

Anyway, have a wonderful ferie, everyone! I will hopefully check back in with posts every once in a while during this month of rest, but for now (or at least the next couple of days), it's off to paint the house, buy furniture, and similar stuff like that. All worth it for a house that we will hopefully actually move INTO one of these days!



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