Wednesday, November 10, 2004

autumn in Indy

So much time has passed! Yes, it's still autumn, but just barely. The winds are turning colder and the blaring sunset starts at about 3:30PM. They don't seem to be the gentle, slow sunsets of summer anymore. My office faces east so I watch state employees stumble blindly into the sinking sun, their cars due west. Sometimes they look like their just smiling really big instead of squinting so tightly.

A quick rap-up of some events since my last friend Jill got married in Las Vegas (did you know they drove all the pirates (aka "pirote...Rrrrr") out of Vegas?!), I went as Chagall's "Mariee" to a Halloween party (the violin-playing goat around my neck took some explaining, but then again I didn't get Picasso's blue period right off either), and we celebrated Mom's birthday with tasty German food (even Grandma got a dark beer!).

A quick rap-up of some future events...the sequal of Bridget Jones's Diary (the movie) hits the screen on Friday (hmmm...have mixed feelings... in manner of Colin Ferth on Saturday Night Live), I'm headed to California for Thanksgiving (and ANOTHER cousin's turkey wedding), and then it's officially the full-fledged holiday season....the most wonderful time of the year.

Jackie, I miss you. The spelunking convention sounded like great fun and I hope you got to see some brightly colored leaves on the way. Sta benne, Bella.

Ciao ciao,


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