Monday, September 27, 2004

bread and tulips (and sashimi)

Very sad...yesterday was my last day at the restaurant.

After a month running between four jobs, I was tired and leary of a fall schedule that only looked more hectic. To simplify and survive, I knew something had to change. It was probably my favorite of all the jobs, but it was the one I could leave without serious consequences. Oh, crumbs...I'll miss it.

Working at the restaurant was really a gift. The cooks are so incredibly talented and so generous to humor me with the job. Each time I worked, I learned...and laughed. How many jobs offer those kinds of perks?

So while I probably won't get to use some newly developed skills (like slicing sashimi, searing foie gras, and discussing the merits of ham salad) in the very near future, I'm honored to be able to take away memories and friends and a couple extra pounds from this once in a lifetime experience.

The "to do" list hasn't gotten any shorter (and actually, I may work at the restaurant again this Saturday), but even though I dearly miss the kitchen I feel like I've graduated to a new existence in some sense. "A new existence..." that makes it sound so cerebral and lofty. It's not really that, just kind of the same feeling you get after spending a really long time rearranging and organizing a room.

With this feeling in mind, I'm especially excited to see this week's edition of the Italian film series at a local university. They're showing Pane e Tulepane (Bread and Tulips). I really don't have much in common with the main character and giving up a kitchen job isn't anything like what she goes through, but I'm in the mood for self discovery, fulfilling lives, happy endings.

And so reading Jackie's last blog about Spello hit the spot. I can imagine her sliding through the interesting city on Antonello's arm, and I've seen before the look on her face when Italia enchants with its medieval, hilltop charms and purple sunset skies.

Happy endings.



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