Saturday, August 28, 2004


I haven't been strictly on the academic calendar for several years now, but those back to school displays still get me. I don't know what it is about the start the school, the end of summer, the beginning of makes me want to cut my hair, rearrange my apartment, buy erasers.

In the spirit of change (and more space) I went to check out an available apartment yesterday. Late nineteenth-century house, third floor loft, tiny balcony, quiet historic neighborhood, a fountain outside the window, exposed brick chimney, even a gas stove in the kitchen - bellissimo!

The trick came when I walked into the bathroom - or ducked in, as it were. The angle of the ceiling rafters allowed me to just barely pass through the hall way without a concussion. The altitude didn't improve once inside the bathroom. I felt like a giant - the tiny sink, the little claw foot tub too small for even my straight legs to sit in, the mounted mirror perfectly reflecting my shoulders and the bottom of my chin, again the angle of ceiling preventing any kind of stand up bathing (not that there was a shower anyway).

It would have been a great apartment, if I could have resigned myself to being dirty and having a bruised forehead for the next twelve months. Bummer.

So maybe a pack of erasers is the way to go? In the meantime, I'll let my hair grow and keep an eye out for another place, maybe in the spring.



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