Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Out of the woods

Reading Jackie's blog on the cultural experience of IKEA, I realized I'm experiencing similar sensations these days.

Last week I met my family in upstate New York for a week in the Adirondack Mountains. It's an annual tradition with my dad's family - this year celebrates their 55th summer within the "blue line" that marks the mountains' boundaries on state maps. It's the kind of vacation where we take off our watches as soon as we make the treck into the woods and enjoy days at a slightly slower pace, a more relaxed schedule...until having to strap on the watches again at the end of the week, preparing to face the mixed blessings of this modern world again (e-mail, telephones, cars, showers).

Going into the woods is quietly shocking at first - the nights are dark, truly black, and the evenings are quiet, truly hushed. Coming out of the woods is alarmingly shocking at first - the street lights burn all night and the sirens out my window are no loons in the mist.

Even though I'd trade this city desk for a lake dock in an instant, I have to admit that both culture shocks are necessary and exciting in their own way. It was refreshing to get away, and it's interesting to come back and catch up on happenings. (Jackie's got a home - in the Swedish section of Macerata! :-) )

-Corrie (of the pines)


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