Friday, August 06, 2004

An August At Home

Today should be the last day of shoe-making for Antonello before ferie, that wonderful Italian period of time when everyone makes a mad dash to the sea. We might be a little less inclined to go swimming though and will probably opt instead for house preparations. I've been begging to move over to our new house, but we're waiting to finish up some things. First, I have to finish painting the bedrooms.

I started painting the guest room on Wednesday, and while I am mostly finished with the first coat, apparently the type of paint they use here in Italy requires two coats. Also, there are no Home Depots here where you can find paint in eighty zillion colors: instead you buy a little plastic bottle of yellow and add it to the white paint according to the percentage of yellow you want. I am not talking Canary Yellow or Sunburst Yellow or even Lemon Yellow. I am talking yellow, like the crayon color. There is no clear sign of what color you will mix up, except that in some way it will be yellow. This is how house painting goes in Italy, apparently.

Anyway, needless to say, we have a room that is very yellow. I decided against adding the WHOLE bottle and having a blinding room of bright yellow, so at least the yellow is a bit muted. Antonello likes it. He says it looks like a happy room. I am going back today to paint the second coat.

Also, now that Antonello is done with the shoe-making for now, we will have time to do more furniture shopping. Tomorrow or Sunday we are headed back to IKEA to pick up two wardrobe doors that they never gave us and to buy some living room furniture. This time, though, we are going to pack our own lunches and skip the whole IKEA cafeteria thing. I'm hoping we'll stop over for dinner in Bologna as well--what's the point in going to the food capital of Italy and eating Swedish meatballs?

So that's ferie in Italy. One day at the beach? Maybe. Big week-long vacation? Not a chance. Cross your fingers for a two day trip to Genova, though! And a move-in-to-the-house date that is relatlively soon. Ah, what a summer.

Have a great August everyone! Corrie, glad your vacation was fun! Sounds like a great way of life.



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