Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Full Report

Back in early March, Antonello and I entertained a couple of visitors from Philadelphia here in Macerata. It is kind of an interesting connection: I met Dennis and his wife through Fodors's European Travel Talk Forum, where they were asking questions about Le Marche and I, being the number one fan of Italy's little known region, was quick to reply with my "Best Of" list, and lots of other information (in fact, if you do a query on Le Marche on the forum, surely most of the comments will include some tidbit of info from me, unabashedly supporting my favorite region in Central Italy). Somehow my numerous comments (and their own searching for info and photos and such) convinced them to include Le Marche on their intinerary, and they decided to base their Le Marche leg of the visit in, where else? Macerata.

It was a wonderful little visit, and since then, our new friends have posted a full, detailed report on their visit to Italy, including of course their time in Le Marche. Check it out--there is even a list of enticing menu items included--from Da Secondo here in Macerata to little restaurants in San Ginesio and Urbino!

Now you'll see that Corrie and I are not the only ones who have fallen in love with this little pocket of Italy. A couple from Philadelphia has, too!



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