Saturday, January 29, 2005

Magic Snow

Reading of Jackie's snow days and her descriptions of magical Macerata under snow, I felt the same as I did a couple weeks ago when Northern Indiana got loads of the white stuff and the 3-6 inches they promised Indianapolis turned into barely a dusting.

It's not jealously, really, just a sort of left-out-ness. Reading about Italian snow storms and watching the Hoosier forecasters splash multi-colored maps across the screen, I so wanted to look out my window and see the same beautiful, white flakes falling. There's a connection with the weather, especially when the view of the cold outside makes the warmth from inside so wonderfully comforting.

So I finished Jackie's blog entry and remembered snow days and Macerata under a white blanket and the view from my Indy apartment when downtown looks hazy through the drifting flakes...when I noticed that the crevices of the tiled roof outside were all outlined in white. It's snowing! here! now! A hug from Father Winter to connect us once again.



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