Sunday, November 21, 2004

Which cows make the chocolate milk?

It was a misty, gray, and cool afternoon when the brown swiss sauntered toward me from across the field. One thought crossed my mind...Move!

Yesterday the Indianapolis chapter of Slow Food met at Traders Point Creamery to help bring in the cows (brown swiss, horns and all), watch the milking process, and taste milks and yogurt good enough to make anyone yodel.

The hippy chickens were waddling around the farm when we arrived. Delicately, we all danced our way throw the piles of, um, brown swiss pies to help corral the massive animals into the milking barn. The kids were having fun getting their boots suctioned into the lovely mud. In the end, even adults were climbing fences, petting calves, and naming favorite cows.

This small, young organic dairy makes three kinds of yogurt, a couple kinds of cheese, and four varieties of milk, including whole. Once available only by visiting the creamery personally or by happening upon a booth at the local farmers' market, Traders Point is opening the door to the corporate world (I've seen their shiny glass bottles in Marsh supermarkets) but keeping the mud on their shoes. Committed to organic and sustainable farming, the proof is in their product, not in the board room.

Muddy, but happy and full of yogurt, we pecked out the door like the chickens stumble out of the hen house first thing in the morning. A final question from one young visitor with a brown mustache made me smile, "Which cows make the chocolate milk?"



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