Tuesday, September 13, 2005

For A Good Time...

Our friend Lori McKee recently joined the blogworld with her new blog Magician Nites. Corrie and I met Lori two and a half years ago (January '04) upon beginning the second semester of my stint as assistant at the American Heritage Association Study Abroad Program here in Macerata--Lori was a student in the program and, lucky me, one of my roommates. Lori is even featured in various entries of this blog--from her visit to Macerata in the summer of 2004 to many Macerata trips she's taken since then. As you might immagine, Lori, like us, fell in love with Italy from the start.

Anyway, Lori just moved to Milan for a year of studying and absorbing Italian culture (sound familiar?), and her new blog will hopefully successfully chronicle her experience living and studying in the big city. Already she has suggested that we at Allora Aspetta are forgetful about blogging, so the challenge is on! Corrie, blog we must!

Anyway, Keep track of this 22-year-old as she makes her way through the busy world of one of Italy's most cosmopolitan cities.



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