Friday, July 11, 2003

Castles and Carmels

Our gig as token English-speaking camp councelors is half over...only two more weeks of handkerchief games.

The familiar routine was broken today when my camp's director announced a "garra dei castelli." Pales and shovels in hand, we marched 103 kids to the waterfront for a sandcastle-building contest. With £12 worth of candy as the prize, even I was tempted to grab a pale and create a little American competition for the youngsters. Instead, I meandered between the groups of junior architects, some working together as a team to create complex sand-villas and others having more fun passionately arguing and gesticulating over who'd be the best foreman for the project.

Yesterday's "Daily Quote" came to mind as we councelors/judges looked over the finished projects. As children of a country renowned for its architecture, as kids who wake up every day in buildings centuries old, the passion they put into the construction of such temporary castles was even more impressive. The perspective of this token English-speaker is valued little by the junior Medicis and Bruneleschis covered in sand this morning, but I think they did their ancestors proud. Like so many generations before them, they built on sand as if it were stone.

Kind of puts handkerchief games into perspective...



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