Thursday, August 07, 2003

Gelato with...Balsamic Vinegar?

My friend Lori and I have just returned from an Emilia-Romagna tour--Parma, Modena, and Bologna. Corrie went on to conquer the Veneto for a day, since tomorrow all three of us have to rest up for La Traviata, which we are going to see tomorrow night at Macerata's outdoor opera house: the Sferisterio.

I plan to write in more detail about our experiences in the upcoming days--memories of grand churches in both Parma and Modena (Parma, covered in Correggio frescoes from here to there, and Modena, stark Romanesque, with an amazingly large rose-window), a dinner of maltagliata e fagioli soup, followed by gelato with Balsamic syrup (a tasty treat, although it must sound odd) in Modena, running through sprinklers in Parma, searching through Bologna's feast of Italian markets for the perfect gifts, and explaining unsuccessfully to an Italian museum worker that we thought Parma was MADE OF CHEESE, not just a maker of cheese.

But now, in the Italy's dense summer heat, we are going to the local mall to rediscover air conditioning, maybe buy a watermelon, and eat gelato.

Just two weeks left before I return home.

Happy birthday Mom, Paul, Carolyn, and Aunt Dolly! I miss you!



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