Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Italian Apartment

Macerata's university attracts students from all over Italy due to its strong Law program. The busy school keeps Macerata kind of young and open-minded, with students filling the streets during day to study and at night to, well, socialize at the local bars. In the summer, you really notice the lack of students, as bars close down and the quiet of the afternoon slows the city streets to a crawl.

But its not only Italian students that are drawn to the programs at Macerata's university. The number of international students seems to be rising, and you wouldn't be surprised to see young people of all nationalities chatting in their respective languages on any given day. The European Erasmus program is especially strong here, a sort of exchange program among Italian students and students from other EU countries. Also, there are, of course, us Americans, and that program, the American Heritage Association, brings in some 20+ students into Macerata's sleepy viccole every semester.

My friend Lori, who was one of those Americans to study here, sent me this link to some photos of University life in Macerata. It's got some great photos of Macerata, this being one of my favorites (I have a think for window photos). Also interesting are the photos of a festival in Perugia, the provincial capital of the region of Umbria.



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