Monday, January 22, 2007

Miami Here we Come!

At 4:30 am this morning, I turned off my computer and headed to bed. I had stayed up the whole night to follow play by play on the biggest game of Peyton Manning's career. It was worth it.

The Colts won against the New England Patriots 38 to 34. That's right, Indy fans: we're superbowl bound!

After following the play by play for the tail end of the Chicago/New Orleans game (Chicago won), I set up my computer for maximum Colts following. ESPN lets you follow along with a mini football field marked by various indicators as to where the current plays are, first down information, and which past plays have turned into goals and which haven't. Then, below that image, there is another box with detailed info on the last play (and a little smiley mug shot of the playmaker). Plus, there is a live messaging program which updates you on fans' comments and big plays. At 12:30 am, I was set up and ready to go.

Somehow the game held my attention for four hours, because I didn't stop following until the final score flashed across the screen. While the first half went by in a bit of a blur (by halftime we were down 15 points: 21 to 6), the second half began with a flurry of scoring: the Colts made a touchdown, then two, then a two point conversion, and we were in that game again.

And that's the way it stayed the rest of the night. How proud our Colts must be--our city must be--to have come this far and knocked out the "always-underdogs-but-always-superbowl-champs" New England Patriots. We have two weeks to prepare for the next step, and to enjoy the feeling of finally being there: this is it. We're finally going to the Superbowl! Amazing job, Colts!

Let's just hope that Italy shows the Superbowl on national TV! (don't worry, I've heard that they might!)

Read coverage of last night's game here:
• Another column by Bob Kravitz: you can bet he's happy.
The Colts' clinched win is celebrated with another one of these famous midfield dances, but this time it's on home turf.
• Read about the Big Comeback and what a Big game it was for our Indy hero, Payton Manning.
• And take a look at what the Boston Globe has to say. You can bet they're mad.
• Finally, get ready for the 4th of February by reading about our new opponents, The Chicago Bears, and what a win they had.



At 12:30 PM, Blogger Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Back when I did fantasy football for fun, Peyton Manning was my QB and he kicked butt! I don't really keep up with anything now. Way to go Colts! :)

At 10:42 PM, Blogger Susan in Italy said...

Hey, congratulations on the Colts' win! I called my Dad last night and he just about cut me off saying he was watching the Bears game. (Bizarre, as he's about as much of a sports fan as I am) That's how I found out they were doing well. ;)

May the best team win! (I think I'm actually going to watch the Superbowl this year!)

At 6:45 AM, Anonymous Eric said...

It has been crazy here in Indy. Right after the game I saw a couple of Patriot fans walking infront of two pick-up trucks down the street. They were appearantly forced to march shirtless in the 20 degree weather, while we pelted them with snowballs! Monday there is a city wide pep rally. Hopefully, I have some pictures to send. Good luck Colts!!!

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Cynthia Rae said...


I am soooo happy, happy, happy! Though I have to admit, I am feeling a little homesick right now. Wish I could have been out on the Circle that night enjoying the party!



At 10:28 AM, Blogger Gil said...

Hope you get to see the Colts next victory!!!

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Johnny from France said...

Go to zee Colts! I zink zhat zee American zports area verrie ztupid. But I know you zilly American pig dogs are eppy zat see Colts are going to zee hot ztate of zee Miami.

Doesn't Miami mean "Do you love me?" in the Italian language? Im zo zmart. Just don't ask what zee word Chicago means in Italian ( I poop here).

Good luck!
Johnny from the south of France

At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Jeff Cottrell said...

My Detroit Lions are going to their Superbowl in April, the annual NFL Draft. That's the only time us Lions fans get excited. The rest of the time we just get our asses kicked.


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