Friday, December 29, 2006

So this is Christmas...

While I realize that this blog entry is a bit late, my warmest wishes are still as warm: I hope that your Christmas was wonderful and joyful, and that your upcoming New Year's festa is just as bright. Corrie and I celebrated Christmas here in Macerata with the Compagnucci family, and soon afterwards (the 26th) my parents arrived as well. We are spending the upcoming days day tripping and travelling, trying not to get too cold, and drinking plenty of caffe and hot chocolate to accompany our frigid evenings.

Baked goods in the Goyette/Compagnucci household

So, in between gift-getting (how's a guitar for a great gift? grazie, Antonello! and thanks to my parents and brother and sister-in-law for the beautiful new camera and the just as beautiful lens! plus, stocking stuffers and wonderful gifts from Corrie, the Compagnucci family, and other friends too. thank you!!), Bologna-visiting (it was cold and foggy, but we managed to make the most of it--it was great to see you, Cyndi and Danilo! Corrie--we have another visit to think up soon, just for restaurant searching to break the horrid curse!), and Christmas dinners (plus plenty of baking), we managed to catch the Christmas spirit (finally). It's been quite a year, this one, and we are grateful for so many things. With the new year coming, and the Christmas season concluding, my heart is full and happy and thankful. There is time now to take in and enjoy, and to really look around and notice the people who are closest to us. Treasures are everywhere, just waiting to be discovered. Perhaps sometimes it just takes a little bit of time (and maybe a new camera? :) ) to look well.

Buone feste!!



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