Friday, July 27, 2007

Macerata Friday: Two Worlds

a statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi in one of Macerata's main squares

This photo was taken forever ago, but I wanted to post it since we used it over at the Surviving Fleas website, as one of the many stops on their very expertly done Walking Tour of Macerata." Definitely check it out, if you're planning to visit Macerata or not--the fleas are both funny and informative, as bloggers (have you taken a look at the jokes they came up with?) Also, I like this photo because of that orangish-reddish-"only-in-Italy" color on the building that Garibaldi seems to be looking at. That has got to be one of my favorite colors, and it's everywhere here in bella Italia.

So, things are ending, and things are about to begin. The 10 day stint as intensive English instructor just ended on Wednesday, and I have to say that it far exceeded my expectations. In fact, it was one of the best language courses I've done--the students were eager and excited to learn, made major progress, and were a lot of fun to be around. It felt like hanging out with old friends and chatting, not working a 4 hour lesson. The students want to come back for a higher level course, and the other teacher and I would be eager to teach them again--what a great group to start a job with! So finishing up the course this week was bittersweet--I didn't like breaking the group bond, the closeness that comes through so clearly in the creation of that "Fleas" blog, in the strange feeling that comes from not wanting a four hour lesson to end, but at the same time, I'm steps closer to getting home to the states. This time we'll be in America for an honest-to-goodness vacation. Over three weeks of honest-to-goodness vacation. We can't wait. We've got a lot of packing to do, though!

So here's to hometowns, walking tours, vacations, and speaking English. And here's to not knowing where one ends, and the other begins. To Corrie as well--have a safe trip home, bella! To everyone--have a wonderful weekend. We'll be whiling away the hours at the wedding of Antonello's cousin.



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