Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Love this!

It's bedtime--I know that. But I wanted to share this tidbit I found over at Shelley's Really Rome blog: these Italian lessons that she learned after moving to Rome are great--make sure you read "#7--Avoid Embarassing Mistakes." Ahh...anyone who has ever lived in Italy has found themselves face to face with these issues: pushing all of the "Tirare" (pull) doors when trying to leave the bar is embarassing enough, but Shelley handles her first meeting with her mother-in-law in a particularly interesting fashion!

Hey, seeing as, when I studied here nine years ago, I met my future husband by entering a bar with Corrie and our friend Erin and shouting out, "BuonGIORNO!" (good morning) at 11 o'clock at night, I've discovered that sometimes mistakes are worth making...and offer great stories to tell later. And anyway, what's better than regular romance when you can have the multilingual international kind? :)

Now I'm really off to bed. G'nite!



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