Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lazy Week

In all honesty, this has been a strange week for me to be participating in the November daily blogging talked about over at NaBloPoMo, since the whole week has rather been a bit of a bore. There are things going on, sure, but not many things going on right here at home, in my little corner of Macerata. That is to say, most of my lessons have somehow gotten cancelled this week, or rain has been pouring and I've avoided going outside, or I've just preferred reading a good book to going running (and the rain hasn't helped! it's not all my fault!), as it seems to get chillier outside each day. I know that this is an odd, out-of-the-ordinary week, and that next week will be busier, I will get my act together and go running again, and work will pick up (the week after next another intensive English course starts, so that should keep things busy too), but for now, I'm bundled up, reading Harry Potter #5 (I am truly addicted, even if I swore that I would never read these books years back), and just doing enough to go to the lessons that DO remain (I had zero lessons yesterday, and just two today. one tomorrow--let's hope it's not cancelled!).

Tomorrow night and this weekend things pick up again, though, as tomorrow is my niece's birthday dinner, and the next day is the birthday of my friend's daughter, who turns one--happy birthday to both of you! And next week, well that's Thanksgiving. I'm starting to feel the urge to get into the kitchen, to make apple pies and hearty soups: the chill of autumn is definitely here. So, here's to the hope that I'll start coring some apples soon, that I'll start making pastry dough, and that some more of my dad's heavenly veggie soup will start to appear on our stovetop. But until then--until I can actually get my act together and cook, and be domestic, and all of that good stuff--I'm going to try to stop feeling guilty about enjoying a lazy, surprisingly-work-free week. I'm going to read more of my book (maybe even finish it!), maybe get a run in tomorrow, and stand near the heater, closing my eyes and wishing it were a warm crackling fireplace.

Have a good Thursday!



At 8:57 PM, Anonymous rowena said...

I really did want to do NaBloPoMo, but from the get-go, already knew that I'd be in trouble when I skipped one day.

Now I've resorted to digging up old images out of my "emergency" stash and trying to come up with something stimulating to write about.



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