Monday, November 26, 2007

Macerata Monday: Take A Look Around

Well, it's Monday again. And that means a lot of things: back to work, back to the routine, the first day of the week. But it also means Macerata Monday! Yay! Today, on my way to work, I decided to take a few photos of the landscape around Macerata, looking north toward Ancona. The church that you can see in the middle of the shot, lit by the sunlight, was where I used to take my daily morning walk when I first moved back to Macerata to marry Antonello, and many moments of thoughtful analysis took place walking to that church. It's been so long since I've walked out there, and so often when I see it, I think I need to add to that to my schedule again.

Anyway, this view to the north is one of the best the city has to offer, since it is relatively construction free, and the beauty of the land that makes Le Marche unique really shines here: the patches of earth being cultivated, the hills that roll their way to the coast, the churches and old farm houses that sometimes stud the turf. It's beautiful, and it stops you in your tracks; even when you're in a hurry, you can't help but glance over and admire the view. There are always a few people stopped in front of this panorama, taking it in, perhaps surprised again to find that this little corner of the world is really as beautiful as it is.


Just a reminder! Remember to vote over at Easycar for my two photos if you haven't already: This one is of Brescia, and this one is of Macerata's main square. Thanks so much!


At 3:15 PM, Blogger rowena said...

So finally I'm catching up on all of the T-day spreads all over the world. YOURS by far looked to be the best! 16 people?!! That's quite a crowd. Nobody wanted to take home any leftovers? ;-P

At 8:13 AM, Blogger Stelle in Italia said...

thanks Rowena! Yes, 16 people was a little much--some of them took home left overs, but not enough! :) we are STILL eating! oh well--we finished off the sweet potato pie the next day (i only offered a very little sliver of that as a leftover, since we wanted to devour it ourselves :)! )

At 5:47 PM, Blogger The Passionate Palate said...

What a picture! It makes me long for Macerata - especially at this time of year.


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