Friday, November 23, 2007

Last Minute Blogging

It's just about midnight, so I'm just barely making my daily blog (for NaBloPoMo) entry in time. I have spent almost the entire day in the kitchen, baking and preparing food for tomorrow's big feast, so there's really not much to tell, except that the apple pie is ready, the persimmon pudding is done, and I'm working on the stuffing as we speak. While Thanksgiving was yesterday, today also brought some blessings that I am thankful for:

• The Colts won yesterday's Thanksgiving day game! Yay Colts!

• The butcher called and said that the turkey would be bigger than we had ordered (Antonello is going to pick it up tomorrow morning), which I found out was necessary yesterday when talking to Cyndi about the correct turkey sizes, so that was a little bit of a blessing!

• And, when I finally did have a bit of a break to go running this afternoon (between the persimmon pudding and the apple pie), it was beautiful outside: the hills in my neighborhood were blanketed in fog, which had slid into the folds of the countryside, making everything more fairy-tale like, the churches in the far hills silouhetted against the early evening sky. As I ran back through the country toward my house, the sun began to set in red and gold splendor. It was a wonderful way to take a break from all of that kitchen duty.

Okay! Back to work! Have a great weekend everyone!

- Jackie


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