Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Writing Lists

I'm a listmaker by nature, and recently Antonello and I have been busy savoring a bit of Thanksgiving-related listmaking. From a list of guests (we're still trying to organize this a bit better) to a list of dishes, to a list of ingredients, our list have grown from short to long to really long. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and list making, I decided to get started on a short list of online sites and blogs that I've been exploring over these past few months.

- The Olive Notes: Chris and Erin moved to Florence, Italy just a few months ago, but reading about their experiences--all of those first time things that I still hold fond memories of, from those first gelato spoonfuls to the first frightening moments of culture shock--has been a bit of a pick-me-up from what sometimes becomes "the ordinary"--is it possible that some days I forget how lucky I am to live in this beautiful country? Therefore, remembering Italy when everything was still brand new is such a warming experience. I love to think back on my own first memories, and reading about Chris and Erin's, it's easy to feel like a first time expat again, and be excited for the discoveries they are surely making in bella Firenze.

- With blogs in mind, another favorite is my brother's blog: Locussolus. He's been blogging for years, and it's always a pleasure to read his writing and see his pictures. If him pointing the direction to this Calvin and Hobbes link wasn't enough, check out this oldie but goodie (just in time for Thanksgiving!) Spinach Mushroom Quiche recipe that I will definitely making for our Saturday feast!

-Esperia Travels: My dear friend Cyndi has recently started her own tour company, Esperia Travels. Her trips take you into the heart of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, focusing especially on bella Romagna, an area which she is quite familiar with due to the fact that she lives there and has loved her years spent there with her Italian husband. Over the past few years, she has thoroughly explored the region, fallen in love with it, and now she wants to share that with other people! So...who wants to take the tour with me? Check out the website to see everything Esperia Travels has to offer, and then go explore the region with Cyndi!

- Shopping anyone? For some reason I've fallen in love with these scissors (they remind me of a children's book that we used to read at home called The Ice Cream Cone Coot and Other Rare Birds), but I love everything else Kate's Paperie sells as well. It's all a little too expensive for me, though!

- And more shopping: Gemma's shop in Ohio isn't quite reachable for me, over here in Italy, but I've been lucky enough to order some of her beautiful handmade jewelry through her Etsy site. I love the earrings I bought, and it's one of those places that has pushed me to get interested in jewelry making myself.

- NaBloPoMo: As it is National Blog Posting Month, check out the website and their ever-lengthening blogroll. While I'm observing the month by participating every day, I didn't get started until November 5th, so I'm not really qualified to be on that long list. But, plenty fellow expats ARE on the list (making this more like an "international blog posting month," right?), including: Bleeding Expresso, Jeff in Puglia, and At Home in Rome. Even if you might think that we bloggers would run out of things to say ogni santo giorno, the truth is, there's almost always something new to talk about, or to catch up on, or just to mention in passing. What might normally be an ordinary everyday detail of living in Italy all of the sudden becomes just right for that Wednesday blog post. I've found that blogging every day is actually a great exercise in writing and observing, and I'm enjoying my first taste of it.

Finally, like I mentioned before (and have now placed over on the sidebar): I'm participating in a little photo contest over at Easycar--I could win some serious travel goodies! Anyway, please check out the photos and vote for me! One photo is from Corrie and my visit to Brescia last spring, and the other is a view over Macerata's main piazza from the English school where I work. Thanks in advance!



At 8:43 AM, Blogger erin said...

Jackie - thanks so much for the lovely mention! I'm flattered :) So glad you enjoy the posts and that we can "remind" you of being a new expat!

I'm also going to check out Cyndi's new site (b/c we definitely want to get to the eastern regions of Italy)

And, you're right, it has been fun reading the NaBloPoMo blogs this month! I couldn't do it

At 8:47 PM, Blogger sognatrice said...

Thanks so much for the shout out :)

I'm quite behind on blog reading b/c of the daily posting, but I'll catch up sooner or later ;)


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