Friday, August 08, 2003

Eating in August

Food Tour 2003. Jackie, Lori, and I got hungry and took a trek. First stop was Parma, the city MADE of cheese (the locals didn't think that joke was nearly as funny as we did). The streets of the historic center, the pebbles of the huge garden, the dust of the dry river bed...everything in Parma was hot. We plopped down on a shady bench and melted like thin slices of that famous cheese over hot pasta. A few moments later, we discovered a set of lawn sprinklers between us and the train to if we had any choice?

Modena was quiet and slow, subtle and rich like the balsamic vinegar for which it's famous. A hearty dinner had highlights of refreshing Lambrusco and gelato with a drizzle of balsamic.

A couple hours in Bologna was a capital end to our tasty tour. Shops in the shady vicoli just off the main piazza poured displays of ripe fruits into the narrow streets. Our short time there was just the tease I needed to add Bologna to the "must return" list. In other words, plans for Food Tour 2004 are already in the works!



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