Tuesday, February 10, 2004

My Low-Tech Boyfriend

Yesterday I officially became Antonello's email address for his caving buddies. Since Antonello refuses to touch a computer (he gets scared by the mouse), and since his friends were sick of faxing him materials at work, Antonello gave my address out to be the receiver, and eventually the printer, of his various caving emails.

I didn't think this would bother me. I am checking email quite often anyway, so what could it hurt to get a few emails from his friends, print out a couple of pages, and all the while help out Antonello a little?

Yesterday I received half a meg of emails from various cavers, totaling about 20 pages of printed material. Today I received this email:

Dear Earthlink Subscriber,

Your Earthlink email account is almost out of storage space. Exceeding your storage space limit returns any incoming email to the sender.

For information on clearing out your storage space and avoiding this problem in the future, please see below.

You can also purchase additional storage space for as little as $1.95 per month. Having more space means you don't have to worry about bouncing emails or deleting special messages from family, friends, and colleagues
(i.e. Italian cavers))! To get more storage space now, just click here*: http://www.earthlink.net.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

Earthlink MailWatch

*Please note: Typically, additional storage space is available a few seconds after your purchase, though in some cases availability may take up to 24 hours.

So, while now I will be busy deleting a series of large emails from various Italian spelunkers, there is an upside to the matter. I printed the above letter out, and now Antonello and I have new English reading material. It will be hard to explain what "storage space limit" means, but still...



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