Friday, January 30, 2004


Brrrrr. That's Italian for "my left ear froze off on my way to check the mail."

It's COLD in this corner of the globe. After several inches of snow and then a couple days in the single digits, it took me well into the double digits to get my wipers un-stuck from the windshield. I climbed in and out of the only unfrozen door (of course the passenger side) for several errands. Yup, people stared.

But far from minding, I almost enjoyed it. It was a bit of a sweet reminder of life in Italia. We stuck out. People stared. Like entering and exiting through the passenger door, we experienced the sweetest joys of la bella vita, just not in a way that made it easy to blend.

Push/pull doors. Webcams. Running to catch sunsets. Eating gelato for every meal. Le stelle.

Let them stare! If going for the ride means climbing in the passenger door, that's a small price to pay.



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