Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Food for Thought

I've been making dinner for Antonello this past month, and it's been going reasonably well. I've never considered myself that much of a cook: I enjoy cooking, but doing it like this--every night something brand new--has been, well, challenging. The fact that I'm a vegetarian and he's a meat eater doesn't help much, but he's pretty open about food without meat, so that's good (for me). Luckily so far he's liked pretty much everything--from nachos covered in beans, jalapenos, sharp cheese, salsa, and everything else that's not Italian, to Orrecchiette "Pugno Chiuso" ("closed fist," in Italian)--a regional dish from the Puglia region. After about three weeks, Antonello has gotten a pretty broad taste of my cooking repetoire.

Well, today I bought a little notebook at one of the Tabacchi here, and I've decided I'm going to journal my day to day cooking experiences. Plus I can include in it some recipes, etc.--it will be my little Italian cookbook/food journal. I think Corrie did something similar over the summer. Anyway, if anyone has any recipe ideas, you can email me or post them in the comments section. Do it soon: I need something for tomorrow. :)



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