Wednesday, January 14, 2004

3D Glasses for Grandma

I have been eating lunches at Antonello's house lately. It's been really nice, and I have been slowly getting to know his family--his mother and grandmother. They are good people, his family. While it still isn't home, it's nice to feel closer to people, to see a connection being made.

Today, after a lunch of risotto (which Antonello said was too gooey, but I liked just fine), cheese, and oranges, we sat down for our daily coffee, and then Antonello was up out of his seat, saying "Okay, let's go." But before we got to the door, his mother reached under the television stand and said "Oh, this came for you." It was Antonello's monthly Caving magazine.

Anyone who knows Antonello knows he is an avid caver (when he came to America, the only place on his list of "Things to See" was Mammoth Cave in Kentucky). So, when he saw the magazine, he got all excited and tore the plastic wrapping off. Inside was a the caving magazine: Speleologia, plus a set of 3D glasses.

The 3D glasses were the icing on the cake. "Ah!" he said. 3D glasses!"

Inside were pictures to look at, in 3D, of various Italian caves. Antonello and I took turns with the 3D glasses, and, in my opinion, the glasses didn't make much of a difference. The pictures were kind of unclear, but you could at least get a better perspective on the depth of the various stalagmites. Antonello, though, was in awe. He was quick to show his mother, who didn't really seem to care much, and then his grandmother, who was a little more excited. His grandma took the glasses and sort of plastered them to her forehead, covering up most of the whole red lens, and looking, well, just rather odd. White hair and all, half the red lens covered, Antonello's italian grandma was trying to see caves in three dimensions.

I had to slip away, to silently laugh.

As we left, Antonello said "You know them. They don't ever want to see anything modern or new." Yes, 3D glasses are modern and new. I teased him the rest of the ride back to my house about his "modern" and "new" ideas.



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