Friday, August 22, 2003

Not ending...just in "ferie"

It's August, it's hot, it's Italia...all this adds up to "ferie," the time when everything closes and everyone heads to beach. When in Rome (or Macerata)... Yup, we've already memorized the train schedule to and from Civitanova (the closest coastal town). Andiamo!

Jack - we miss you! So happy to hear you and Antonello arrived safely and happily (despite a nearly disastrous encounter with coffee creamer). Italia misses you, too...a pair of winking windows, gelato al limon, pizza sensa carne, children playing handkerchief games...the bell paese has put together a scrapbook of you. A dozen times a day it shows us the pages and reminds us of you.

Looking forward to our cena with Erin and Cass the week after next! It will be wonderful (and almost surreal) to be all together in the States. Can't wait to hear of all your adventure americane!



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