Saturday, August 09, 2003

It has gone by so quickly, this week. It started out with Lori getting here on Sunday night, and now it is already Saturday morning, another year for me, and less than two weeks left.

Perhaps the most memorable things are not even significant for anyone else--helping Corrie clothing shop, meeting up with old friends on Macerata steps, caffe gelato, the beginnings of a full moon becoming a second spotlight for an outdoor opera stage--but as the weeks come to a close, each moment is almost tangible, yet quickly disappearing.

Walking the streets in Modena on Tuesday, we came across the duomo and the tower with feverish expectation. It was to be one of my last trips in Italy, and I wanted Modena to be something special, to be worth all of these days--this past year of them--placed together. And although nothing can meet that hope, arriving on Modena's main piazza felt sort of cumulative--cobblestones like a cranberry bog.

i quit.

Update: I will fix this later. The last paragraph became way too fruity, as you may have noticed. It's that new 25-year-old feeling. Off to eat pizza now.

Happy Birthday Paul, Aunt Dolly, and Carolyn!



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