Friday, January 16, 2004

What a little chocolate can do

After lunch today, Antonello was making coffee, and his brother Sandro pulled a big block of chocolate with hazelnuts down from the cabinet. He offered me some, and I of course accepted. It was a form of the beloved Italian classic holiday treat Torrone, although this one was practically solid chocolate--the smooth kind that really melts on your tongue. Delicious stuff.

I offered some to Antonello's grandma, who was sitting there watching me cut a piece for myself, and her eyes got all big and she smiled and said "Okay, I'll take a piece." I think it must've halfway made her day--me offering her chocolate from her own kitchen--because after she took a piece, she started pulling all of these other sweets out from the cabinets. She just kept placing them in front of me: almond biscotti, Perugina chocolates, everything. It was as if she'd been waiting to show someone all of the candy she had collected.

And she smiled so brightly and winked at me, this 91-year old grandma with a sweet tooth.


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