Friday, January 16, 2004

Infection - I've got it

So I tease Antonello a bit about his "modern ideas" (see comment in "3D glasses for Grandma") and what does the technological karma bring me in return? A nasty computer virus!

After three days of rinse, restart, and repeat, this horrid computer is still having issues. Now who's the one begging for simpler times? Tin foil and a number two pencil don't seem so bad from this side of the infection.

Wouldn't it be fun to try old-style record keeping for a day? Doodling on vellum, singing matins, copying hymns...I think the adventure would have to end with mealtime though. After all this computer cleansing, I'm ready to order a pizza. (What would the Donato's guy say if I asked for french fries and corn on a thin crust? Jackie, I miss you...and Pizzettiamo!)



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