Monday, January 26, 2004

"Well, my diploma is written in English...does that count?"

Yesterday evening Antonello and I translated Jane's and my English lesson announcement (we are hoping to get work as English language tutors, since it is a University town after all), so now I am just two small steps away from putting up our signs in the various University buildings and student dining areas! Although I do have a degree in English, Jane doesn't, but we thought we could write that we both had degrees in English since, well, as the subject says, at least they are both written IN English! No one will really care, right?

Plus, my skill in teaching the language is so strong that yesterday, after five years of knowing Antonello, he learned how to say "I am hungry." Yes, results are immediate.

Anyway, here it is, my ticket out of factory work:

Due Tutor di madre lingua inglese laureate offrono lezioni in lingua--in grammatica e/o conversazione--in vari livelli della tua preparazione. Puoi chiamare al numero ... o scrivere email:

Still have to make that email adress exist (hopefully it doesn't already, but I have yet to print out the signs, so don't worry too much), but there it is! Anyway, the point is...if you happen to know any Macerata residents who are looking for an English language teacher...


Update: We're going to go around in a bit to put up the signs. The email address turned out to be different (somehow that one was already taken) and is now:


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