Saturday, January 24, 2004

Slippery When Wet

I just heard the forecast for this corner of the globe. What extreme contrasts! Six months ago the sunset painted colors on the buildings across from our kitchen window until after 9 o'clock. Six months ago I refrigerated espresso before my first sip. Six months ago I was tan (we worked hard, didn't we, Lori!). Half a year and half a world away, I can't seem to catch the late afternoon sunset. I heat latte for my cafe to keep it extra warm. I'm pasty (what time does the train leave for Civitanova, Lori?!)

So much has changed in six months.

They predict ice and sleet and snow (oh my!) for the next 24 hoosier hours. Last Saturday I skated and slipped my way to work at Elements Restaurant (guess who's the "native-born Italian!" Ha Ha!) and that may have been good practice for tomorrow's trek.

Even as I slip down the little sidewalk ramps and coast across blocks with a good wind behind me, I must remember that the landscape of downtown Indy is no comparison to the scallete and colline of Italian hilltowns . A bit of ice there and gravity - like so many other eternal truths in bell'Italia - becomes immediately clear.

See you in the rink!


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