Monday, June 14, 2004

What's an Indianian?

Thanks to Fodor's new travel blog, Right This Way, which posted this entry, I found the following: an article from The Morning News which points out what YOU are, in terms of your state status. I especially love Connecticuters and Mainers, and I wonder if you pronounce the "s" in Illinoisan (I think not). The Morning News also stuck those of us from Indiana in there--we are apparently Indianians. I never knew.

But, nothing escapes us Indianians, some of whom wrote in to The Morning News to point out our true status, not as Indianians at all, but as Hoosiers. Good for them.

Check out their detailed maps (in the same article) for an explanation of the suffixes.

And the "ese" suffix (as in Maceratese or, in terms of our friend Eric, Luccese)? Guess they don't do that in the states.



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