Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Another Blog? Are You Kidding Me??

Yup, that's right. It's no joke...with the help of my very patient brother, The Long Trip Home's Travelblog is up and viewable, and we have even started writing on it! The team of blog writers is made up of the editors of The Long Trip Home (four of us), and we are looking for feature contributors to be a part of the story, so, if you are interested, email us at thelongtriphome@yahoo.com .

This doesn't mean that Corrie and I plan to slack on Allora, Aspetta (with our infrequent writing anyway, slacking can't get much worse!), but we will be dedicating a little bit of time to the travelblog, so be sure to check out both! Also, don't worry about the new travelblog becoming too similar to Allora Aspetta--with a larger team of writers from different parts of the globe, it's bound to take on its own direction and claim a unique identity.

Eric, there is a little post about some green doors in the Roman Forum that might interest you...

Anyway, enjoy the new blog!



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