Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Pictures of Italy

Antonello and I carry around our camera like a bad habit, and basically everywhere we go, we snap away pictures. I took a whole roll this past Saturday while hiking on the trails of Monte Conero, and, in the last three weeks, we must've gone through about six or seven rolls.

Today I went to pick up the pictures we took of Venice. I had one roll of black and white, something I am not very familiar with using, and a roll of color. I went through them myself, then with Antonello, then with Antonello's mother and grandma. Mostly they are photos of houses and canals and churches, with a scattering of photos of me, Antonello, me and Antonello, or other tourists and locals. There's even one of a puppy (there was some sort of dog show going on in Venice, and halfway through Sunday a parade of puppies marched past us, wagging their tails and smiling). Two of my favorites are of shop windows. One has a venetian mask surrounded by glass ornaments, and the other is an art store, with jars of pigment lined for sale, ready to be added to oils to make paint.

While I don't consider myself to be an expert photographer, I think there's a sense that you can't really go wrong in Venice. Walking on a bridge, you turn, you snap a photo, and it's bound to turn out perfect--the colors of the water, the houses, the boats moving down the canal. These are photos that everyone takes of Venice, and for good reason. The more complicated ones that I tried--getting the right angle on a statue on a church, playing with perspective on a canalway--are the ones that turned out kind of sloppy. Taking the simpler ones works best, maybe.

We have a couple of the two of us--one that we asked a passerby to take on a bridge in Dorsoduro, and another that we set up ourselves, putting the timer on and Antonello running to my side. The bridge one is fine. The timer one, on the other hand...when Antonello set up the photo, he forgot that he's taller than me, so from his nose up is cut off, and the tip of my head as well. All you can see of him is a little smile, and I am sort of struggling to crouch myself down, to be seen.

Definitely a keeper.


This is kind of cute site, with a some details on each photo. I especially like the mosaic photos of St Mark's, since I had never really noticed the different styles before. The family on a gondola ride looks like Disney World.


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