Friday, October 21, 2005

It's Worse Than Yeky

While my friends have been teasing me about my new nickname (Yeky), here in Italy, people finally seem to be getting my name right. Perhaps it has to do with teaching English--each first lesson always involves spelling, and of course I make sure people learn how to spell Jackie (and Jacqueline). I've been seeing Jackie spelled right more times than I'm used to here in Italy, and it's been a pleasant change.

Until two days ago.

Antonello got home from work with the DVD his brother Sandro made--three copies of them, actually. Each had a handmade coverpage which read: Viaggio in America and featured either boats or flowers (I guess our niece Valentina wasn't aware that her father, Sandro, took a plane to America). On the back cover was a map, featuring the silhouette of Africa. So far, so good. Then, as I skimmed the titles of the different scenes (one was "Dinner at El Sol," another was "The Wedding" etc.) I stopped at one imparticular. What should have been "A Visit to Jackie's House" had the name "Jackie" replaced with another word.


Seriously, though, I can't wait to watch the video. I look forward to learning about Sandro's voyage, by boat, to Africa, to visit a girl named Jakj.

-Jackie (or Yeky, or Jaky, or Jakj)

P.S. Not trying to make it sound like we don't appreciate the dvd. We really do. Sandro spent hours (literally) filming and editing, and his hard work holds a special place in our wedding memories. Especially the laundromat bit :).


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