Thursday, February 12, 2004

Turning a Corner

Today Jane and I walked from one side of town to another, stopping periodically to look at various Valentine's Day displays that practically bathe the city's shops in red. The weather is just changing, the air crispser than yesterday. The chill of winter might be upon us soon, but right now it's almost perfect outside--the sun smiling down helplessly as the wind takes over, a mix of warm and cool. You can still eat gelato, and we did, at the gelateria in Piazza Mazzini.

But it was the walk down the Scalette that opened my eyes today. Hurrying down one of the side alleys, we hit the Scalette and I felt almost overcome with its grandness, something I hadn't noticed often before. The evening was just beginning, and people were moving along that staircase-hill, chatting, browsing in shops. The lights were all on and golden, and the long walk down seemed like it continued for blocks and blocks. There was the sound of happy chatter, the smell of warm pizza, and the mesmerizing sense of not knowing exactly where I was in all of this evening warmth.



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