Thursday, June 17, 2004

Shaking Up The Formula

After too much time out of the basketball spotlight, the party moved over to the Eastern Conference, specifically Detroit, on Tuesday night, with a convincing series win against the Los Angeles Lakers, ending the Finals and giving the Pistons that coveted title: NBA Champs of 2004.

When I found out the news online yesterday, I moaned slightly about having not seen the game (we don't get basketball satellite where I am!), but I happily cheered anyway: while the Pistons may not be my Pacers (in fact, they beat us in the last series!), I am happy to cheer for an East team. And frankly, it's about time!

PLUS, just to add the icing on the cake, one of my favorite coaches, Larry Brown, took Detroit to the finals, finally! He hadn't won an NBA championship yet! Congrats to him (and good luck to him as he goes on to coach the Olympic team this summer).

And congratulations to the Pistons!

To my friend Jeff, who is a Michigander himself: You won this one!



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