Monday, February 25, 2008

Macerata Monday: Facade

I used to believe that this church of The Immaculate Conception (Immacolata Concezione), which is on a busy street leading to Macerata's city walls, was one of the oldest churches outside of the city center. As you might have seen last week, I posted a photo of the facade of the church of Santa Croce, which really is one of the oldest churches in the area outside of the medieval walls. Anyway, the church facade that you see before you now is not only NOT one of the oldest churches outside of the walls, but it would actually be considered one of the newer ones. Placed as it is on a busy street near the old centre of town, this church used concrete for building. It's facade is very pleasant, and inside, the church is grand, dark, and has a baroque-feel to it. It's peaceful, and the flicker of candles light the corners of darkness.

I've been drawn to lots of churches these days--I guess it's because I'm making up for the fact that I always forget about Macerata's beautiful churches. I almost never include them for Macerata Monday, and I tend to overlook them. The reason for this is that there aren't a lot of finished facade churches in town. Most of the city centre churches--with an exception for maybe four or five--stopped building when they finished the interior, lacking funds to build an inviting facade. Even the duomo is without decoration.

But there are still quite a few beautiful churches, and a lot of them do exist outside of the city walls. I will just have to explore a bit more.

Anyway--very busy day today! I hope to talk about it a bit tomorrow, but for now, I need dinner, and then sleep!



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