Monday, February 18, 2008

Macerata Monday: Santa Croce

I hope you are all having a nice Monday--Mondays here have really become my least favourite day of the week, because I have long afternoon lessons that require more preparation than maybe I'd like, but now, as the day is coming to a close, I can sit back a bit and relax.

Here's a shot of the church of Santa Croce (Holy Cross), one of the oldest churches found outside of Macerata's city walls. Santa Croce's facade is unique here in Macerata, and the way to really see the church is by walking or driving up the long avenue that leads to it, lined with trees and some of the city's most beautiful villas. While the church was under construction for a long period of time due to damage caused by the earthquake in the late 1990s, finally some of the scaffolding is coming down. It's definitely a church worth seeing, and the neighborhood it's in, even if it isn't in one of the older neighborhoods of Macerata, has become a beautiful place to spend some time.

I don't normally take shots from this far away from the walls (this is a good 30 minute walk from the centre of town) just because it isn't an area I pass by regularly, but yesterday I happened to be in the neighborhood. On Sundays, when we get set for excursions out to mountains or caves, we meet up with our fellow adventurers at a bar near this church for breakfast. Yesterday was that kind of a day--we met Antonello's cousin Daniele, his girlfriend Virginia, and a friend of theirs for a trip to the mountains. It was a great, sunlit day (I'll post pictures from the mountains in another post), and when we got back to the church (where we had parked our car), the golden light before sunset seemed to perfectly play off the church's pink brick facade.



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